Art by Olga Parr
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  1. watercolor, evening colors, reflections, water, marina, seascape, mood in art, impressionism, loose watercolor
    Tranquil Evening
    310 x 540mm watercolour
  2. watercolor, drops of rain on petals, hydrangea, flowers, purple, blue, impressionism,
    Refreshed by Rain
    650 x 500mm watercolour on w/c board
  3. Dragonfly 1
    Dragonfly 1
    150 × 150 x 15mm acrylic on canvas varnished
  4. Daisies 1
    Daisies 1
    405 × 202mm watercolour w/c canvas varnished
  5. watercolor, flowers, rain drops, water lilies, pond, pink, impressionism
    Water Lilies
    sold prints available
  6. Green Chord
    Green Chord
    sold prints available
  7. watercolor, bright reflections,  seashore, people, water, impressionism,
    Morning Walk
    sold prints available
  8. watercolor, morning, fog above lake, water, glowing colors, loose brash strokes, expressionism
    Foggy Lake
    sold prints available
  9. Ferick
    Sold prints available
  10. Mona Vale, Christchurch
    Mona Vale, Christchurch
    pen and wash prints available
  11. Gondola, Christchurch
    Gondola, Christchurch
    pen and wash prints available
  12. Canterbury
    pen and wash prints available