Art by Olga Parr
It is rare in our days to have a portrait done from life.
Who has time for sitting!
However if it is possible to sit for photoshooting I will come and take my own reference pictures.  We will discuss in details your idea of the portrait prior to the shooting: final size, type - full body, head and shoulders etc, position, clothing, even a mood.  At the session we will try different compositions and lighting and I take as many shots as necessary until the subject is relaxed and his/her/it's personality is revealed.

With online commissions or portraits of the lost loved ones I work with
what is available of course. I will carefully concentrating on likeness
while still creating a unique peace of art for you instead of a just
copy of the photo.
For pastel portraits I use Canson pastel paper and the high quality Artists Range soft pastel and Tinted Charcoal.

The softness of Canson paper allows to roll the final painting and send it in tube by post. I do not use much of a fixative, because I do not like the way it affects the colors, but I take the curtain precautions to prevent the surface from smudging. The longest distance I have posted one of my portraits was to Russia. It arrived undamaged without any smudges.
Prices depand on a final size and the amount of details. 
Approximate price range: $300 - 1500AU.
To see entire artwork please click on the image.
  1. pastel, portrait commissions, old men in pastel, pastel art, original art, portrait impressionism
    660 × 520mm pastel
  2. watercolour art, children in watecolour,
    380 × 300mm watercolour Eskleigh Gallery
  3. portrait of painting little girl
    Little Artist
    600 x 450mm pastel Queen Victoria Art Gallery
  4. portrait of laughing little girl flying up from dad's hands
    Daddy's Hands
    520 x 730mm pastel
  5. baby girl, girl and shoes, cute, watercolour art, children in watercolour, art for sale, original art
    I Am a Girl!
    410 × 300 x 35mm w/c on w/c canvas varnished
  6. Enjoying the Water
    Enjoying the Water
    Watercolour Sold
  7. impressionism, watercolour, children,
    Summer's Fun
    330 × 500mm watercolour Eskleigh Gallery
  8. I do not Let You Go
    I do not Let You Go
    350 × 460mm pastel commission
  9. portrait, girl, pastel, original art, portrait commission
    pastel commission
  10. head and shoulder portrait of young woman draped in scarf
    Smile to the Baby
    500 x 440mm pastel and charcoal
  11. portrait of woman draped in shawl
    Portrait of Friend
    400 x 510mm charcoal / pastel commission
  12. portrait of man reading paper
    David Allen
    400 x 450mm pastel commission
  13. portrait of young boy with sword
    450 x 452mm tinted charcoal and pastel
  14. portrait of two little boys reading book
    Bedtime Story
    570 x 410mm charcoal / pastel commission
  15. portrait of cat in washing basket
    In the Rose Garden
    580 x 450mm pastel