Art by Olga Parr
The price range on this site is $180 - $850AU.
Depending on what option you are interested in - framed or unframed, the price for the same piece will vary.
Prices for portraits commission are explained on PEOPLE page.
It is possible to send any unframed artwork by post!
I do have experience sending pastel works overseas.

For shipping inside Tasmania I offer a professionally framed option with modern white frames and the generous matting which go well with my art style. I am happy to provide the photo of the framed painting in interior on request.

If you like a particular painting which is no longer available and would like a similar one, I am happy to discuss with you a possibility of creating one.

The variety of art prints and products are available on
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any question or request.
Even if you are just a browsing art lover not interested in buying I would love to have a feed back from you.

Hope you enjoy my artwork. Thank you.