Art by Olga Parr
Dear visitor, WELCOME
​Every time I answer the question about my background, it triggers two more questions:
1. How did you make the transition from astronomy to art?  

2. Why do you live in Tasmania, so far from your home?
For those, who are interested, here is my story.

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia I grew up absorbing the magnificence of the city and it's astonishing ever inspiring art collections. As long as I remember myself I was constantly drawing. My school notebooks were covered with sketches which often got me in trouble, especially when I would draw a caricature of the teacher, or - even worse - the portrait of Lenin! (It was a Soviet time, and the eye of the Leader did not turn quite right, I have to admit.) 

There was no art class in my school. Therefore I did not have any guidance. My parents could not afford a private tuition and I did not insist, because there was a big battle within myself, when time came to decide, what path to choose. I knew I was unable not to draw, and I did want to learn skills, but to become an artist? What does it mean? What will be expected of me? The books about famous artists, the masterpieces in museums were speaking to me about something so grand, so extraordinary! My rabbits sketches did not qualify. I was not ready. I chose to pursue my second favourite carer - to become an astronomer. The inner artist just had to stay quiet in the background.

It did not, of course. It was impossible to content. It did not care about the intensity of my schedule at the Uni, or later about screaming babies, or difficult time in Russia, when we had to spend hours in queues to buy some food. It demanded attention and I had to paint at night, the only available time for me, to satisfy this demand. 

The situation changed when my husband was invited to work overseas and our family moved first to Finland, then Japan, USA and New Zealand. I did not have to work anymore. I finally could focus on the greatest joys of my life - my kids and my art. I met wonderful artists, who’s generous advice helped to refine my skills and encouraged me to explore new medias. Three years spent in Japan were especially significant. I was greedily absorbing the favourite culture, learning calligraphy, philosophy, fan dancing, art. The whole experience gave a new dimension to my life and to my art. 

In New Zealand my marriage collapsed and I had to find the way to support myself. The science was long forgotten, making a living from my art was also out of question. Refusing my paintings, one of the gallery owners politely explained, that it is not about the quality of my art, it is about the name - nobody knew me. I made a decision to combine my computer and art skills, gained a Diploma from Design Technology College, and for many years worked successfully as a graphic designer and graphic design tutor. I met a wonderful man and remarried. I worked even harder on my art, trying to find my own voice, figure out - what I do want to say. Eventually my paintings started to get accepted by galleries and exhibitions, started to sell. I started to have commissions. And then the earthquake struck. The life in Christchurch changed dramatically overnight. 
After four years of struggle, my husband an I had to face a necessity of relocation. Survived the devastation of the nature, but defeated buy the crash of the economy, we decided to move to Tasmania - my husband’s homeland. 

Settled in the charming Launceston, now I am opening a new chapter in my life.

Arizona, USA
Embou Gallery - joint exhibition 
New Zealand
Christchurch Art Centre - two joint exhibitions
Aoraki Polytechnic - solo exhibition
The Art Expo, Nelson 
Displaying  the artwork  with Launceston Art Society and Tasmanian Art Awards exhibitions around the state on regular bases


‘Ah!’ - Highly Commended and
People's Choice Awards
LAS 'Triple A' Annual Exhibition 2017

‘Connection’ - People's Choice,  
'Tasmanian Art Award' Exhibition, Eskleigh 2016

‘I am a girl!’ - Highly Commended,
Meandering Exhibition 2016

Little Artist’  - Capital Chemist's Major Award, Holy Trinity 2014

REDBUBBLE  international online artist's community "Women Painters Group":

'Ferick' - won the Artist of  the month in December 2015 

'Daddy's Hands' -  won the challenge 'Love' , March 2016 , work selected  as Challenge Avatar

'Daisies' -  Artist of  the Month , March 2016 

'Cherry Blossom' - won the challenge 'Celebrating Spring',  April 2016

'Alexia' - Artist of the Month, May 2016, work selected  as Challenge Avatar

'Connection' - Artist of the Month, July 2016

'Summer's Fun' - won the challenges 'Only Children' 2016  and  'My Best Artwork' January 2017